Updated Huawei P6 S has been added to our portfolio


We are happy to inform you that we just added updated model of the old Huawei P6 which is now known as Huawei P6 S. The new model has slightly higher CPU frequency of 1.6 GHz (0.1 GHz improvement over the old quad core 1.5 GHz CPU). Huawei also added dual sim support. The phone is now 6.5 mm thick (increase of 0.3 mm over the older model).

All other parameters remained the same – 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 2000mAh battery, 4.7″display and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Huawei P6 S is now available for 342.25 USD (as of 10th February 2014).

Why are our prices in January so high?

A lot of our customers asked why our prices became recently so high as they bought from us during December 2013 for much better prices.

The problem is that a few matters stepped in which are beyond our control such as Chinese intervention with the currency exchange rate – or to be more precise Chinese central bank did not keep up with the FED craziness of USD devaluation (which is generally considered as unfavorable for everybody but FED does it anyway) and thus the CNY which we buy appreciated which leads to our buy price increase. This incident happened once in December 2013 and now again in January 2014.

Also as you might be aware of the Chinese New Year is coming soon – starting on 31st January 2014 and a lot retail shops are buying up stock so they can keep up with demand for their Chinese Christmas holiday – thus pushing the price even higher.

Another problem is that some models are no longer in full production thus only the old supply is sold out – again pushing the price even higher.

Long story short – AKA the summary:

  • Rate of Chinese Yuan (CNY) went up, United States Dollar (USD) went down – buying prices are higher than they used to be. This affects everybody – no exception.
  • Chinese New Year – most important holiday in China – price goes up.
  • Some models are almost sold out and new stock is not coming – price goes up.

I hope it clarified a few things though unfortunately we can’t offer any solution just yet except to wait after Chinese New Year. Some of our customers claim that our competition offers better prices though one thing is to have some (old) price in the pricelist and other thing is to be able to sell at this price. Also please be advised that Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China and most companies including cargo won’t be operating or in very limited performance from 25th January 2014 till 6th February 2014. So if you are interested in placing order with us (or anywhere in China) please do so as soon as possible.

P.S. Please check all the time our always up-to-date pricelist available at http://pricelist.wittytrade.com . We also recommend you to signup to our weekly pricelist dispatch so whenever there is some change in the pricelist you will be immediately informed.

Buy Apple iPhone if you don’t mind that your competitors (or your wife) are reading your SMS, emails or contact list data

According to the latest news reported by ZeroHedge.com there is “a bit of problem” with Apple iPhones as Jacob Applebaum reports:

“every attempt to implant (read: compromise) iOS (Apple iPhone’s operating system) will always succeed”

The point is that we don’t claim that Android or BlackBerry OS is 100 % secure against these attacks but the message here is that software running Apple iPhone is clearly very poorly coded to say the least (by coded we mean designed and/or written) and thus very easy to compromise by even an inexperienced third party which leaves owner of devices such as iPhone vulnerable to very low-cost attacks performed by competition or even their jealous wife (via third party such as detective agency). Such attacker (competition, detective agency) might be able to access SMS, emails, contact list data or any image saved on victims iPhone in an easy and inexpensive way.


All Lenovo phones we sell always comes with an open source Android ROM which by design is difficult to compromise as its openness makes it easy to fix any current or upcoming vulnerability thus such template (cheap) attacks performed by inexperienced or intermediately experienced attackers will almost definitely fail.

Update 7/1/2014 – article has been also published at Forbes.com

Rapid surge in demand for Lenovo phones in Southeast Asia

Dear customers,
our latest research shows that there is rapid surge in demand for Lenovo phones especially in regions such as Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Hong Kong and Vietnam:


If you have customers in any of these regions or your company operates from any of these countries and thus you know the local market we recommend you to look into Lenovo mobile phones as your competitors are likely already selling the brand in these regions or are in preparation to do so.

Our current wholesale offer for Lenovo mobile phones and tablets is available here: http://pricelist.wittytrade.com

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I’m very pleased to announce that 151 traders from 50 countries in last 14 days checked our weekly pricelist and in last 6 months we had 0 (zero) % unsubscribe rate which we believe means that we have here something to offer. If you would like to subscribe to our weekly pricelist as well please signup here and you will be added automatically to our weekly pricelist dispatch. If you would like to check our today’s pricelist (and see what we will be sending to you) please click here.

Lenovo B8000 AKA Yoga 10 has been added to our portfolio

Lenovo IdeaPad B8000

As of today we have also added Lenovo B8000 also known as Yoga 10 to our product gallery. The models are in this case only two:

Lenovo B8000-F 16/32 GB = Wifi only

Lenovo B8000-H 16/32 GB = Wifi and 3G connectivity but only data

The price is still in negotiation. Hopefully by the end of this week or at latest on beginning of the next week we will know the price. Stay tuned.

Our Gitex 2013 Dubai Promotional Materials

Dear Visitors, Dear Customers,
we are happy to announce that we just uploaded our promotional materials for Gitex Dubai 2013.


As some of you asked for the girl’s cell number I’m also attaching the rollup with the girl 😉